Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I'm baptised today! - 26 Jun 2007

Today is the day that I declare to the public that I belong to Christ. I am his disciple!
The baptism service started at 8pm, at Trinity Methodist Church. There were around 70 people in the church sanctuary. I didn't expect so many people attend this service.

After the praise & worship, Pastor Leslie gave a sermon on being the disciple of Christ, and then followed Baptismal Covenant by Pastor Stanly. When I got the bulletin, then only realised that I was the 1st on the list! Pastor called us out one by one & stand in front of the altar to read & response to the covenant. After this, the congregation adjunct to the fond outside the sanctuary, coz all 12 of us chose immersion for our baptism. It is a nice fond!

I was the 1st one being called into the pool. The pool wasn't very deep, the water level was at my lap. After Paster Stanly made the announcement, I was 'dunked' by the 2 pastors! By doing so, it symbolizes the death & resurrection of Christ.

I am now a new born in Christ! Yay~

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