Wednesday, September 28, 2005


"何必凡事和別人搶破頭, 退一步或許會有海闊天空."
是失敗者消極的想法; 還是勝利者超然的境界?

If you can't see the chinese words above, please change your browser encoding to "Traditional Chinese (Big5)".

Friday, September 23, 2005

Do you need a handbook for blogging?

With the recent court case on 2 Singaporean for their racist blogs, the blogoshpere seems getting highly aware of what they say on the web.

The Reporters Without Borders even released a handbook guiding people on what to say and how to say it on the web. Ha~~ I'm quite impressed. But also a good gesture to protect the free and independent voices in the web space.

Anyone interested to take a look on the handbook, it is called "Handbook For Bloggers and Cyber-Dissidents".

How I know? From the BBC News site.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

My lovely bunny - Tang Tang

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She's quite lonely nowaways. With me busy with work, studies, life, and marriage... I often just let her running freely in the kitchen area alone. She seems very happy the time I let her out of the cage, hopping and leaping high. But soon, she'll get bored and lonely. Though there's a gate shutting the entrance to the living hall, she will try to sit close to the gate so that she can see me get busy at the living room.

That's a sweet gesture, keeping me company, but my heart ache at the same time. She is really lonely and yearning for my companion..

I hope by next month, everything settled down, I will have more time to spend with her.

Sunday, June 05, 2005


This is a test post from

On my birthday

32 more minutes my birthday will passed, and I'm older by another year! As people said you gain more wisdom as you grow older. I kinna agree with this saying. But wisdom don't come to you just like that, you'll have to continue seeking it.

Spent my birtyday with my family and friends. We made sushi at home! Yay~~ long time din make sushi, this bring us back to good old college days! Well... my seems forgotten almost all the sushi skills, 1st roll of sushi roll was a total disaster.. it ended up in my stomuch rite after i cut it :D

Practice means perfect. The end products were good & presentable! We mand sushi roll, gunkan sushi, and inari. I pretty enjoyed the whole process while we chat about the dayz in college, laugh at each others sushi disasters, and stopping 'hungry monsters' from stealling the finished products.

I love the arrangement they made. Makes me feel very warm and cozy. This one definitely is 1 of the most memorable birthday I've had (besides my 21st birthday).

Monday, March 14, 2005

Quarterly Shopping

Came across shopping topic while having lunch with my female colleagues some days ago... she mentioned that she only does quarterly shopping. Every quarter she'll set aside an amount for shopping at one go. She even done up a shopping list before going out, and when she at the shopping mall, she stays very focus on the things that she wanna buy, wldn't waste time browsing around; 3 tops means 3 tops, no more no less....

I was like wow~~~ Haha... my hubby wld be delighted to see me do that! I am an instantaneous and impulsive shopper. I love to go window shopping even alone! I'll buy things that I think is useful for me at that time (but realised it is useless much later!). And when at the shopping mall I'll get distracted easily on things that aren't on my shopping list. I never kept to my budget... This habbit got my hubby very very worried.. LOL~~

OK, 1 day I'll try to do like her, only quarter shopping and stay focus on things to buy... Promised (finger crossed)!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Discipline, Focus and Time Management

After being the sleeping gym member for 1 yr, I started to pick up regular workout again. Just started this month, I made it a point to workout at gym 3 times a week. Perhaps this time a few of my colleagues are going together, with peer movation & presure, I found it easier to discipline myself and appear at the gym at regular time :P hee~~

Happy to see the changes in myself. Coz with new job scope overseeing more projects and started the Master course, I really need to discipline myself and stay focus on wat I'm doing. But "STAY FOCUS"... well... can be quite challenging for me escpecially, a typical Germini who always have thousand and one things spinning in the head trying to grab the mind's attention... As I'm writting this blog, my mind is actually thinking abt what I'm going to do in this coming Saturday and actually start planning in my head now!... Hey, Focus pls! 1 thing at a time!

Time Management.. very important. Keep to the deadline! I almost never meet deadline I set to myself.. :-S

Cannot, cannot, must change...

Monday, March 07, 2005

Anti-bacteria cleaning for the office chairs

Office management colleague just had all our chairs cleaned. Hope it helps with the flu & fever virus spreading around in office these days... I've been having runny nose & dry cough for close to 1 week now. Still refuse to see doctor :P Let my body cure by itself.. It will, just take times ;)

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Busy & Bumpy week for me

Aih... last week wasn't a good week for me.. :(

Monday: Very very bad start of the week. Total disaster. I totally FORGOT to bring my office laptop to office!! And the best part was I realised it when I reached office and saw the empty space on my desk!! @#^%#$*^# Quickly took cab rushed back home & brought laptop back to office. Costed me bloody 20 bucks on the cab!

Tuesday: Boot-licker strikes again! Bloody hell~~ That person is trying every means to irritate me & making me feel like an outcast in the team by do favous after favours to others in the dept... To certain extend I was totally bothered by that! Feeling really really bad... Plus my master course assignment was due on wkend, I've yet started to do it. Added pressure on me. But then, I came acrossed with a term "Be grateful to those who torture you". That's it! I'm gonna see all those as test tat put to me. Just deal with it steadily 1 by 1.

Mid-week: Totally zonk. Work, project can't speed up to meet roashow... Not my fault, it is not supposed to be completed that early. But just tat it's gonna be a sad show for everyone.. Study, assignment still not yet started! But having ideas in my head after having discussion with lecturer & classmates. 3000 words essey... not easy, not easy.

Friday: Thursday nite totally freaked out. Unable to finish assignment. Tot I gonna fail the assignment, but dunno why I went to flip through the student handbook... eh~ I can request for deadline extension! :D Happily got my assignment extended. I really need more time to work on the assignment. Coz it's my first business assignment, and is case study! grr..

Weekend: hehehe.... Done outlining and puttting down the important points of my assignment. 50% work done. Feeling better now. Quite looking forward to start of next week. :)

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Office rumor

Just heard a rumor from a colleague, it's about me. It says that I am given notice to leave the company.

When the colleague asked me abt this I was like (O.o). How come got this kind of rumor floating ard??

The fact is I left my previous department and transfered to another department. I wonder how the news ended up became I'm leaving the company.. Some more is 'asked to leave' kind!

How terrible office rumors can be, man~~

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

BMI Calculator

Ladies out there, bookmark this useful link! ;)
BMI calculator

Bad start of year 2005

1st working day of year 2005. Wore news skirt, & new shoe to work.. But the new shoe caused my feet to have blisters. Very painful, can hardly walk. Have to take cab go home.. waste money again... aih...

Ask me now I started my new year? 1 word: OUCH