Thursday, January 06, 2005

Office rumor

Just heard a rumor from a colleague, it's about me. It says that I am given notice to leave the company.

When the colleague asked me abt this I was like (O.o). How come got this kind of rumor floating ard??

The fact is I left my previous department and transfered to another department. I wonder how the news ended up became I'm leaving the company.. Some more is 'asked to leave' kind!

How terrible office rumors can be, man~~

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

BMI Calculator

Ladies out there, bookmark this useful link! ;)
BMI calculator

Bad start of year 2005

1st working day of year 2005. Wore news skirt, & new shoe to work.. But the new shoe caused my feet to have blisters. Very painful, can hardly walk. Have to take cab go home.. waste money again... aih...

Ask me now I started my new year? 1 word: OUCH