Thursday, December 30, 2004

Bintan, Bikini, Sarong!

Just back frm Bintan. Oh I love the island!! It's such a paradise for get away... Nice beach, nice weather, so romantic~~ :-D.
I received a set of bikini as Christmas gift frm my boyfriend. I never though of wearing bikini coz always think don have my size (esp the cup size), and no confident in my figure la~ oooh... but this Bintan trip totally changed my view abt myself! There are bikinis that suits me and I look good with bikini~ HA~

People will tend to be more daring than usual when you are at some place where u think no one knows you. :P I'm 1 of them. For the 3 days at the resort, except breakfast & dinner time, I'm with my bikini+sarong, walking frm resort room to the beach, having activities... :-) I felt at ease, total comfort. Partly bcoz of my boyfriend is with me :P

I love biniki! muahaha... Will be getting few more sets ;)