Monday, March 14, 2005

Quarterly Shopping

Came across shopping topic while having lunch with my female colleagues some days ago... she mentioned that she only does quarterly shopping. Every quarter she'll set aside an amount for shopping at one go. She even done up a shopping list before going out, and when she at the shopping mall, she stays very focus on the things that she wanna buy, wldn't waste time browsing around; 3 tops means 3 tops, no more no less....

I was like wow~~~ Haha... my hubby wld be delighted to see me do that! I am an instantaneous and impulsive shopper. I love to go window shopping even alone! I'll buy things that I think is useful for me at that time (but realised it is useless much later!). And when at the shopping mall I'll get distracted easily on things that aren't on my shopping list. I never kept to my budget... This habbit got my hubby very very worried.. LOL~~

OK, 1 day I'll try to do like her, only quarter shopping and stay focus on things to buy... Promised (finger crossed)!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Discipline, Focus and Time Management

After being the sleeping gym member for 1 yr, I started to pick up regular workout again. Just started this month, I made it a point to workout at gym 3 times a week. Perhaps this time a few of my colleagues are going together, with peer movation & presure, I found it easier to discipline myself and appear at the gym at regular time :P hee~~

Happy to see the changes in myself. Coz with new job scope overseeing more projects and started the Master course, I really need to discipline myself and stay focus on wat I'm doing. But "STAY FOCUS"... well... can be quite challenging for me escpecially, a typical Germini who always have thousand and one things spinning in the head trying to grab the mind's attention... As I'm writting this blog, my mind is actually thinking abt what I'm going to do in this coming Saturday and actually start planning in my head now!... Hey, Focus pls! 1 thing at a time!

Time Management.. very important. Keep to the deadline! I almost never meet deadline I set to myself.. :-S

Cannot, cannot, must change...

Monday, March 07, 2005

Anti-bacteria cleaning for the office chairs

Office management colleague just had all our chairs cleaned. Hope it helps with the flu & fever virus spreading around in office these days... I've been having runny nose & dry cough for close to 1 week now. Still refuse to see doctor :P Let my body cure by itself.. It will, just take times ;)