Saturday, October 30, 2004

GREAT dinner, WORST date!!!

Back frm friend's wedding dinner. I enjoyed myself pretty much during the dinner. Coz all the ppl at my table are sporting & happening :) After the dinner we decided to continue on with clubbing. But now, after paying $15 for 1 glass of beer & 1.5 hrs of dance, I'm back at home, totally pissed off! Some more it's my first time been to that club~!

Piece of advise for the ladies out there:

1. NEVER insist to tag along ur date/partner to clubbing. Don care abt them feeling being left out, just blame it to themselves for not being sportting!

2. BRING your own house keys, money, and credit card! No matter whether or not u are going home together with ur date/hubby later on.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Damn.... I'm losing focus!
Losing focus on life, on work, on EVERYTHING. Wat's wrong with me? Feeling very tired.. but when I wanna do something right, I realised that my mind just blank.... clueless on everything!

Where I stand? What's my contribution to the work? to the team? my own life? to the family? When ppl come to me for things, I just went blank. Starring back blank..... "dunno" is my only answer to them.

Seems like things can go smoothly without me. Y am I still here then?

Feel like crying... can someone lend me a shoulder??

Tang Tang has fur mites!

Last Sunday brought Tang Tang to Pet's Day for grooming. The groomer found tang tang has fur mites! I never bring her out... hhmmm wonder where she got it frm... o.O

Brought her to see vet. Luckily the vet said it's quite normal for rabbit to have fur mites, & it is easily be cured :D
Also took the chance to weight this little white fur ball.. 1.7kg! Vet said she's slightly at the plum side, not yet obist *lol*

Friday, October 15, 2004


I'm so tired! Mentally & physically....
Just break for 1 week to Taiwan, now came back, still feel stagnant about work.... still the same old pissed off /hack care/ kinna attitude towards my work...

Y is tat so? What's wrong with me? Now everyday when woke up preparing to work, I felt very weak, thinking of boss's whinning abt dateline, peers figthing trying to snatch your job away... wat's with all these whinning & fighting?? Does it do anyone good?! Perhaps to someone, snatching others job & performing it better than the original owner could win them a promotion, status upgrade in the company, salary increament... oh welll..... I sound like a sour grape, don't I?

ALL I care now is staying as low profile as possible, best no one notice me, & getting the pay every month. Then at the end of the year receive my 13th mth salary, & next yr variable bonus.... THAT'S ALL I CARE NOW!!