Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I'm baptised today! - 26 Jun 2007

Today is the day that I declare to the public that I belong to Christ. I am his disciple!
The baptism service started at 8pm, at Trinity Methodist Church. There were around 70 people in the church sanctuary. I didn't expect so many people attend this service.

After the praise & worship, Pastor Leslie gave a sermon on being the disciple of Christ, and then followed Baptismal Covenant by Pastor Stanly. When I got the bulletin, then only realised that I was the 1st on the list! Pastor called us out one by one & stand in front of the altar to read & response to the covenant. After this, the congregation adjunct to the fond outside the sanctuary, coz all 12 of us chose immersion for our baptism. It is a nice fond!

I was the 1st one being called into the pool. The pool wasn't very deep, the water level was at my lap. After Paster Stanly made the announcement, I was 'dunked' by the 2 pastors! By doing so, it symbolizes the death & resurrection of Christ.

I am now a new born in Christ! Yay~

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me

I am 28 today!
My dear hubby brought me to Bangkok during the past Vesak weekend as birthday present for me =)
Today my colleagues bought me lunch; & I'm just back from Japanese dinner! hehe... of course bills paid by my hubby.
Time really fly. Without realising, I am already approaching 30s... so scary!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year 2007!

Happy New Year 2007!

What are your new year resolution? Mine? Well...

1) Be more focus on what I'm doing on hand. Have more sense of urgency!

2) Finish reading at least 50% of the books on my book shelf

3) Drop 10kg by end of year 2007

朋友们!新的一年又到喽~ 你们都什么新年愿望啊...

1) 提升专注力和行动力!!
我发现近来这几年我的注意力集中时间越来越短。每当我在做某一件事的时候,我越来越容易被外来的事情干扰到。然后需要很长的一段时间才能有道原来的事情上。结果很多东西都要花很长的时间才能够完成; 要不然就是完全忘光光! 在不然就是东西堆了一堆没做完,到了限期才卯起来赶工。这点真的要改哦~

2) 把书架上的书至少读完一半
本人非常爱逛书店,也非常爱买书。 喜欢拥有新书的感觉。 但是我就是没办法静静地坐下来把一本书看完。 结果家里书房的书架上放满了美美的新书! 商业、文学、小说、旅游、工程、电脑、种类繁多,但都是没看完的... ^.^;;;

3) 在年底之前, 瘦下10公斤
我9月就要当新娘啦~~ 这次真的真的要下定决心减肥了。 不然结婚典礼上就会看到很“壮硕”的新娘了...

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

体重 vs 股票指数

哎,多么希望我的体重指数是股票指数. 只升不跌 那该有多好啊~~~~
仔细想想... 我长这么大 好像只有大学那段时间是最瘦的。之后就一路飙升... (泣)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006




似乎什么事情都可以做到 没什么事好烦恼的



我又回到了以前的主管队上 挺不错的



Monday, February 20, 2006

My Baby is back!

My precious Tang Tang is finally back home now! I haven't seen her since I went on my lunar new year vacation for 2 weeks.

She slimmed down quite a bit. She was being boarded at a pet shop. Don't have so treats as good as home ;) Plus she's molting now, made her looked even more messy... Poor baby, during the journey back home, she pee in the pet carrier & stained her fur with her own urine =.=;;;

This is the pix took after shower, while she's drying her fur on top of the washing machine.

So far it is the cutest pix she ever had! Isn't she lovely?

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


"何必凡事和別人搶破頭, 退一步或許會有海闊天空."
是失敗者消極的想法; 還是勝利者超然的境界?

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