Sunday, February 27, 2005

Busy & Bumpy week for me

Aih... last week wasn't a good week for me.. :(

Monday: Very very bad start of the week. Total disaster. I totally FORGOT to bring my office laptop to office!! And the best part was I realised it when I reached office and saw the empty space on my desk!! @#^%#$*^# Quickly took cab rushed back home & brought laptop back to office. Costed me bloody 20 bucks on the cab!

Tuesday: Boot-licker strikes again! Bloody hell~~ That person is trying every means to irritate me & making me feel like an outcast in the team by do favous after favours to others in the dept... To certain extend I was totally bothered by that! Feeling really really bad... Plus my master course assignment was due on wkend, I've yet started to do it. Added pressure on me. But then, I came acrossed with a term "Be grateful to those who torture you". That's it! I'm gonna see all those as test tat put to me. Just deal with it steadily 1 by 1.

Mid-week: Totally zonk. Work, project can't speed up to meet roashow... Not my fault, it is not supposed to be completed that early. But just tat it's gonna be a sad show for everyone.. Study, assignment still not yet started! But having ideas in my head after having discussion with lecturer & classmates. 3000 words essey... not easy, not easy.

Friday: Thursday nite totally freaked out. Unable to finish assignment. Tot I gonna fail the assignment, but dunno why I went to flip through the student handbook... eh~ I can request for deadline extension! :D Happily got my assignment extended. I really need more time to work on the assignment. Coz it's my first business assignment, and is case study! grr..

Weekend: hehehe.... Done outlining and puttting down the important points of my assignment. 50% work done. Feeling better now. Quite looking forward to start of next week. :)