Sunday, June 05, 2005


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On my birthday

32 more minutes my birthday will passed, and I'm older by another year! As people said you gain more wisdom as you grow older. I kinna agree with this saying. But wisdom don't come to you just like that, you'll have to continue seeking it.

Spent my birtyday with my family and friends. We made sushi at home! Yay~~ long time din make sushi, this bring us back to good old college days! Well... my seems forgotten almost all the sushi skills, 1st roll of sushi roll was a total disaster.. it ended up in my stomuch rite after i cut it :D

Practice means perfect. The end products were good & presentable! We mand sushi roll, gunkan sushi, and inari. I pretty enjoyed the whole process while we chat about the dayz in college, laugh at each others sushi disasters, and stopping 'hungry monsters' from stealling the finished products.

I love the arrangement they made. Makes me feel very warm and cozy. This one definitely is 1 of the most memorable birthday I've had (besides my 21st birthday).